Breaking BAD: Understanding the Backlash Against Democracy in Africa

Across the globe, democracy is challenged in ways that pose political and social threats – and that challenge the scholarly literature on democratic development. The proposed project aims to provide a better understanding of the processes and consequences of democratic backlash. The empirical focus is on Africa, where the efforts at democracy building have been […]


We are a group at the University of Bergen that conduct research on children´s rights. Pro bono is a latin phrase for professional work and research undertaken voluntarily without payment and for the benefit of the public good. We believe that working for children and young individual’s rights is a particularly important social responsibility. In […]

WAIT – Waiting for an uncertain future: the temporalities of irregular migration

The Project The WAIT-project focuses on the temporal aspects of migration and investigates how temporal structures related to irregular migration are shaped by legal regimes, cultural norms and power relationships, and how they shape subjective experiences and life projects. The WAIT-project aims to produce knowledge that meets societal challenges raised by new migration patterns adds […]

Political determinants of sexual and reproductive health: Criminalisation, health impacts and game changers

Development actors have increasingly recognised the importance of the political determinants of health. One way in which politics and power dynamics impact health is through the use of criminal law. The project provides insights into the causes and effects of criminalisation of abortion and same sex relations, which is widespread in low and middle income […]

Beyond Words: Latin American Truth Commissions’ Recommendations

Project partners: University of Oslo, University of Arkansas at Little Rock,CELS (Argentina), IDEHPUPC (Peru), FLACSO (Guatemala) Funder: Norwegian Research Council, Latin America Programme. Over the past three decades, over 40 countries have established truth commissions (TCs) to investigate past patterns of gross human rights violations and recommend measures of redress. More than a third of […]

Abortion Rights Lawfare in Latin America

The project analyses the strategic use of rights and law in battles over abortion rights in Latin America – and the various effects of this lawfare between opposing groups. The growing scholarship on the interaction between judicial institutions and human rights in Latin America has mainly focused on socially progressive, rights-expanding forms of lawfare. Little contemporary research […]