Hugo Stokke


Researcher, CMI

Hugo Stokke is a political scientist focusing on human rights research.
His interests include: international labour standards, multinatinational corporations, affirmative action and ethnic discrimination, child labour and human rights monitoring, as well as the theoretical foundation of human rights.
He has worked extensively in the Asian region, covering a number of countries both in South and Southeast Asia. He worked for three years as an Associate Expert with the ILO in the Asian region and has been on regular missions to the region since then. He is currently engaged in work on international organisation with a focus on the ILO, human rights obligations of private enterprise and affirmative action as a means of responding to structural discrimination among groups in society. He was the editor of three volumes of the Human Rights in Development Yearbook series (1997 – 2000). Current research interest is on rights and legal institutions.



Juridification and Social Citizenship
2011 - 2020

Land Rights, Environmental Protection and Inclusive Development within India’s Federal System
2013 - 2019