Kurt-Rune Bergset


PhD candidate, Centre for Women’s and Gender Research, University of Bergen


Kurt Rune Bergset is a PhD scholar at the Centre for Women’s and Gender Research (SKOK) at the University of Bergen. His background is in political science with a BA in European Studies and an MA in Comparative Politics. His current research is multidisciplinary, combining political science and gender theory on the study of judicial behaviour, focusing on different ways gender is manifested in the court of law and in the intersection between law and politics or between the two political branches and the judicial branch of government. Theoretically, the project is mainly informed by theories of judicial behaviour, focusing on how male and female judges are recruited, differences in judges’ background, whether judges’ own gender or their ideas about gender may affect their behaviour in court, and how gendered discourses manifest themselves in legal literature. Methodologically, I employ a mixed-methods scheme, combining small-N interviews and discourse analysis with large-N analyses of judges’ votes and argumentation.