“I honestly gained more than I could ever have imagined here. LawTransform and the people working there on a daily basis in addition to those contributing from afar provided me with an experience and opportunity that filles me with new-found insight, inspiration and purpose. They taught me critical-analytical thinking such as I could not have gained otherwise. All of this within a highly constructive and supportive environment. LawTransform is a family and a network that I hope to be continuously a part of.”

Alida Steigler previous intern at LawTransform

What does an internship at LawTransform entail?

An internship at LawTransform provides insight into the work at the centre and consists of supervised participation in a range of activities – from research, project development, research communication and PR, to teaching.

The internship can focus on the hands-on activities that make up the everyday life of the centre (administrative) or on more research related ones (research assistance). It can also be a combination of both or focus on something very specific, like PR, etc.

Bellow you will find a list of the most frequent activities:

• Participate in research activities and administrative work related to ongoing/emerging projects, including participation in research group meetings, reporting to the funding agencies, etc.

• Participate in the process of developing new research project applications

• Contribute to research communication activities, including

  • Public seminars (development of content, facilitation of the seminar, participation, PR)
  • Develop content for the LawTransform webpage and social media platforms
  • Newsletter

• Plan meetings with the coordination team and the volunteer group

• Participate as teaching assistant in BA, MA or PhD courses (UiB)

• Take part in the running of the Bergen Exchanges (LawTransform’s annual international conference in August)

These activities will enable the intern to develop skills useful both for those who aim to pursue a career within academia, but also for those who intend to work on project administration and research communication more broadly.

Who is an internship at LawTransform for? For those in their BA, MA studies, post-study year or PhD who are interested in, or working on topics within the research profile of the centre.

What does LawTransform provide to its interns? You will have an interesting intellectual environment, great colleagues, workspace in our joint office and free lunch in the CMI canteen.

Does LawTransform provide scholarships to interns? Unfortunately, LawTransform is not in a position to provide scholarships or any monetary remuneration to interns.

May I be a LawTransform intern from abroad or should I be based in Bergen to be eligible? LawTransform welcomes applications from students based both in Bergen and at our partner institutions globally.

A) Do you want to conduct your internship from Bergen? Your options are:

  1. Long-term (minimum one semester), part-time internship for UiB students (with the possibility of receiving ECTS when an agreement is in place1). Application deadline: two times a year, fit to UiB’s selection process.
  2. Short-term, full-time intensive internship (4/6 weeks, preferably in August for activities related to Bergen Exchanges). Application: in May and November every year.
  3. Erasmus+ receiving institution (full-time), 2-5 months. This opportunity is available for students enrolled in higher education institutions in Erasmus+ Programme countries at Bachelor and Master’s level as well as for doctoral candidates. These opportunities are also open to recent graduates and can also be combined with a study period abroad.  Application deadline 1st May and 15th October each year2. For more information, check here: and consult with the Sending (Home) Institution.

B) Interning from abroad: we offer internships primarily for students at our partner institutions, or for those who come with the recommendation of one of our fellows.

For A) 1. follow the UiB’s application process (for ECTS) or send us your CV and motivation letter (without ECTS).

For A) 2. and 3. send your CV and short motivation letter.

For B) send your CV, motivation letter and the name and contact details to two reference people.

To this e-mail:

1 At the moment, LawTransform has the following agreements is place: Faculty of Humanities, UiB – Praktisk informasjonsarbeid (15 studiepoeng)

2 In order to fill out the Learning Agreement and give access to Søknadsweb (student-portal) on time, we advise everyone to contact us at least two weeks in advance.

Please note: This page is an indicator of what an internship at LawTransform might look like, exceptions might be provided. For questions, please contact: Lara Côrtes