Welcome to the Bergen Exchanges on Law & Social Transformation 19-23 August 2024! Here you find all the practical information you need to attend the conference.

Facts about Bergen:

Bergen is located on the west coast of Norway, and known as ”the City of the Seven Mountains”. As of 2021 population was 285,900 – making it, after the capital Oslo, the second-most populous city in Norway.

What to do during your spare time: take the Fløibanen funicular or walk up mount Fløyen and visit the old docks at Bryggen (World Heritage Site). For other activities to do in Bergen or close to Bergen, check www.visitbergen.no

Please keep in mind that even in summer the weather in Bergen is unpredictable can be quite rough with a lot of rain. We highly recommend you to bring an umbrella and a raincoat as well as waterproof shoes or boots. And if you have a pair of waterproof pants, bring them along!

How to get from the airport to the city centre:

From the airport you have different options to get to the city centre:

We strongly recommend you to take the light rail, as this is by far the easiest and cheapest option. Having exited airport’s main hall you will find escalators and elevators leading to an underground station of the Bergen light rail. Beforehand you need to purchase a ticket. You can either download the Skyss Ticket app in advance to purchase your ticket or buy it at one of the vending machines outside of the main entrance of the airport. Using both options you can pay with your credit card. Having purchased your ticket you can board one of the trains at the underground station heading to “Bergen Sentrum”. Timetables can be found here. The stop the closest to your hotel would be “Byparken” which is the train’s final destination. The trip will take approximately 45 minutes.

At the airport you will also find the Airport Bus waiting for you outside the arrival area. More information about the Airport Bus can be found here. The stop closest to your hotel would be “Festplassen”. This journey takes about 30 minutes.

As taxi prices are very high in Bergen we do not recommend you to take a taxi to the city centre. However, should you need one due to medical reasons or because you will arrive in Bergen very late please contact Lara Côrtes (lara.b.cortes@uib.no) in advance.

We will provide you with information regarding reimbursement of the travel expenses right after the end of the conference.

How to get to the Hotel Scandic Byparken:

Hotel Scandic Byparken:

Adress: Christies gate 5-7, 5808 Bergen.

To get from both from “Byparken” light rail station and from “Festplassen” airport shuttle station to Scandic Byparken walk upwards Christies gate and you will find the hotel on your right side.

Please be aware that hotel rooms in Norway, particularly in the city centres, are much smaller than in countries such as the US and Canada.

How to get to Kulturhuset (Monday 19 August and Tuesday 20 August):

On Monday, 19 August and Tuesday, 20 August Kulturhuset will be the venue.

From Scandic Byparken: From the entrance to Scandic Byparken turn left into Vaskerelven street and walk down this street for around 3-5 minutes, about three blocks until Vaskerelven 8, a red brick building with white stuccoes.

Where to find the University Aula (Wednesday 21 August):

On Wednesday, 21 August, all events will take place at the University Aula.

The University Aula is located in the south wing of the Natural History Museum in Bergen, located at Nygårdshøyden. The address is Museeplassen 3. The main entry is through Muséhagen, the garden next to the museum, coming from the direction of Olaf Ryes vei.

How to get to Bergen Global (Thursday 22 August and Friday 23 August):

On Thursday, 22 August and Friday 23 August Bergen Global will be the venue.

Bergen Global’s address is Jekteviksbakken 31. It is located in the same building as the offices of LawTransform and CMI. It can be found on the same floor as the main entrance to the building.

Code of conduct:

All conference participants need to adhere to Chr. Michelsen Institute’s (CMI) code of conduct that you have received by email (please make sure you read both documents attentively). If you experience any breach of the code of conduct while in Bergen, Lara Côrtes is the person you should contact, and CMI will process any possible cases.

Health issues:

If help cannot wait, call the emergency room: 116 117. In case of danger to life and health, call 113.

If you are at the hotel and are experiencing health issues, please contact the reception, and they will be able to assist you. We ask all our guests to check upon arrival if the telephone in your room is working properly as you might need to contact the reception in case of an emergency. Also, please have with you a printed version of your insurance policy.


In case you have any questions, please contact Lara Côrtes or Mathea Loen (we kindly ask you to keep WhatsApp for urgent matters).

Lara Côrtes: +47 466 46 946, lara.b.cortes@uib.no

Mathea Loen: + 47 913 35 843, mathea.loen@uib.no