Would you like to volunteer during Bergen Exchanges?

We are looking for volunteers for our annual conference, the Bergen Exchanges! The Bergen Exchanges bring together academics and activists from all over the world for a week of seminars, debates, a PhD-course and fun social events.

The main theme this year is Inequality & Intersectionality, Migration, Humanitarianism, Democracy and Methods.

  • More information about the programme coming soon.

What does it mean to be a volunteer at the Bergen Exchanges?

First, we would like to emphasise that we are very flexible around your time, so you would be able to attend lectures and so on. We do require that you work a certain amount of hours, but other than that, we cater to your needs. This year, there will be four kinds of working-teams. All teams will have sufficient training, so no prior experience is needed.

  1. The media and PR team. They will work with our media platforms such as facebook, twitter and instagram. They will also be busy with taking pictures during the Exchanges, and perhaps also write some articles and conduct interviews for our website.
  2. The technical team. They are responsible for all things to do with the technical equipment used for the events, such as lights, the microphones, camera, rigging the room for events, make sure we stay on time according to the schedule and so on.
  3. The gourmet team. This team brew gallons of coffee every day, provide snacks, tea and generally keep people happy. 
  4. The information desk. This will be for someone who knows the centre well and been here for a longer time. The information desk is responsible for helping people with questions and inquieries such as wifi, printing and so on.

We will try to accommodate to your prioritised teams. 

What do you get out of it as a volunteer?

Besides a very cool “volunteer” t-shirt, we can guarantee that volunteering with us is fun and very social. You will get a lot of academic input because as a volunteer, in addition to attending the public seminars, you will also be able to attend the closed sessions such as workshops, private dinners and presentations.

Volunteering with us gives you a great experience of volunteering at a large conference, and you will also meet people you otherwise would never have met before. This does not only apply to people living in Bergen, but we have people attending the Bergen Exchanges from all over the world.

If you are interested in volunteering for Bergen Exchanges 2020, contact Alida Steigler (alida.steigler@cmi.no).