PhD Course: Effects of Lawfare – Courts and law as battlegrounds for social change

This interdisciplinary course offers an introduction to debates on the potential and limits of law as an instrument of social change, and opportunities to engage with some of the foremost scholars in the field, and international research projects currently seeking better answers to these questions.

The course period is 1-22 August 2023. The first part of the course is digital for all. For the week of 14-18 August, students are invited to come to Bergen to participate physically at the Bergen Exchanges on Law & Social Transformation. It is also possible to take the whole course online.

The course is free of charge and open to PhD students from all disciplines and academic institutions.

Credits (ECTS): The full course yields 10 ECTS (participation, group work, paper abstract, presentation and paper (4000-6000 words), the partial course yields 3 ECTS points (participation, group work, paper abstract and presentation). The language of instruction is English.

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Here you will find useful teaching materials from our Effects of Rights & Law project.

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