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You can find links to all the LawTransform events that we have streamed below. For all events streamed at Bergen Global, please visit their YouTube channel.

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01.19 Paths for recognising LGBT rights in Latin America: the cases of Brazil, Colombia and Costa RicaWatch here

01.28. Academic Freedom and Democratic Backsliding in Comparative PerspectiveWatch here

02.03. Repeal abortion crime: a new path in the fight for legal abortion in ColombiaWatch here

02.04. Samehets og rasisme – hvordan kommer vi videre?Watch here

02.05. Annual Lecture on the Rights of Indigenous PeoplesWatch here

02.18. Students in crisis: Corona measures under examinationWatch here

02.18. Book launch: Strategic Litigation and the Struggle for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Equality in AfricaWatch here

02.19. Menneskerettighetsby og smittevern. Hvor går grensen?Watch here

03.08. Women on the Bench – The role of women judges in fragile statesWatch here

03.08. The Right to Water in National Constitutions – Master’s Week 2021Watch here

03.08. Looking for dialogue and recognition: transgender persons’ rights – Master’s Week 2021 – Watch here

03.11. Venezuela migration crisis: can Peruvian health system sustain it? Master’s Week 2021Watch here

03.11. Selection methods of judges – Master’s Week 2021 – Watch here

03.12. The dark side of combatting terrorism – Master’s Week 2021Watch here

03.12. Mandating inclusiveness: local actors and mandated governance networks – Master’s Week 2021Watch here

03.22. Climate activists in all arenasWatch here

03.22. Elevating water rights to human rights: World Water DayWatch here

03.24. Executive Order webinar with director Lázaro RamosWatch here

03.25. When a crisis hits: Vulnerable people in locked-down BergenWatch here

04.09. A taste of life under President ErdoganWatch here

04.21. Global School Film & Reflections: InequalityWatch here

04.28. Global School Film & Reflections: MigrationWatch here

05.05. Global School Film & Reflections: HealthWatch here

05.05. Byutvikling og arkitektur: Har menneskerettigheter noe å si?Watch here

18.05. Ansvarlig næringsliv og Vest-Sahara: Vestland ett steg videre?Watch here

19.05. Book launch: Adoption from CareWatch here

03.06. Towards a better understanding of gender and genocideWatch here

07.06. Amazoning Climate GovernanceWatch here

18.06. Backlash against Women’s Rights and the Istanbul ConventionWatch here

16.08. Keynote by Ruth Rubio Marin: The Global backlash against women’s rightsWatch here

16.08. How to quota? Effects of legislating for equality of representationWatch here

16.08. Keynote by Dan Brinks: Autocratic LegalismWatch here

16.08. Autocratization dynamics in AfricaWatch here

17.08. Book launch and keynote by Marit Skivenes: The global typology of child protection systemsWatch here

17.08. European Court of Human Rights on Child protection and Children’s RightsWatch here

17.08. Rethinking digitalization and the right to education post-COVID-19Watch here

17.08. Backlash against academic freedomWatch here

17.08. Religious/conservative movements and fake newsWatch here

18.08. Addressing Sexual Violence: Technology and Truth CommissionsWatch here

18.08. Migrant Health in the pandemicWatch here

18.08. Keynote by Alicia Yamin: Rethinking health systems beyond the pandemicWatch here

19.08. Keynote: Criminal Insanity – Medical, Philosophical and Legal PerspectivesWatch here

19.08. Young people as Experts by Experience: Participatory Research, Policy-,and Service DevelopmentWatch here

19.08. Learning law & social changeWatch here

20.08. Gender, Islam and Legal ordering in Post-US AfghanistanWatch here

20.08. Women on the BenchWatch here

20.08. Interview: Lunch with the judgeWatch here

20. 08. UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Articles 3 and 12: opportunities and challengesWatch here


01.10. Constitutional Interpretation: The Multiplicity of ActorsWatch here

01.10. The Impact of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco ControlWatch here

02.06. Annual LectureWatch here

02.10. The Quality of Life Agenda in Norway – Master’s Week 2020Watch here

02.12. Bits Before Bombs: Cyber-attack as a Breach of Article 2(4) of the UN Charter Watch here

02.25. Fri rettshjelp – en illusjon?Watch here

04.02. Barn i lock-down: Utfordrer korona-tiltakene barns rettigheter?Watch here

04.30. Webinar: Trick or treat? Why do legal responses to Covid-19 differ across Europe?Watch here

05.27. COVID-19: The situation of refugees and migrantsWatch here

06.11. Grassroot climate activism – from Paris to the AmazonWatch here

06.17. Covid-19 and the Politics of Climate Governance in the AmazonWatch here

09.24. EU-borgere; likhet for loven? Watch here

10.09. Taushetskultur og politi-varslere i Vest: Hva koster det å være en politivarsler?Watch here

10.14. Fires in Moria – law, migratory policies and asylum in LesvosWatch here

10.28. Women mobilising against violenceWatch here

11.03. Launching the Bergen School of Global Studies Watch here

11.03. Barnevernsfrokost: Omsorgsovertakelse av nyfødteWatch here

11.10. Towards a new debate on abortion law reform in Argentina?Watch here

11.20. Abortion Backlash! The significance of 22nd October 2020 for Poland and the worldWatch here

30.11 Peru renewed political crisis: What happens next?Watch here

02.12. Barnevernsfrokost: Til barnets beste – familieliv for barnevernsbarnWatch here

04.12 Divine Intervention: The role of the Pentecostal Church in Democratic Backlash in AfricaWatch here

10.12. Human Rights Cities explained – why do we need them?Watch here

10.12. Netthets mot kvinner – en trussel for demokratietWatch here

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03.15. Gender quotas on the rise – polarization or parity?Watch here.

03.18. How to clean an electionWatch here.

09.23. Justice done? How Cambodia is dealing with its pastWatch here.

10.09. Breakfast seminar: Politics of corruption in Brazil and PeruWatch here.

11.25. Indigenous reconciliation and land rightsWatch here.

12.03. Playing with the rules in the extractive industries sectorWatch here.

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