Seminar series

LawTransform, together with our collaborators, host a number of ongoing seminar series on a wide variety of topics:

Transitional Justice in Norway and Beyond
This seminar series will address some of the key questions within transitional justice in a local and global perspective. Transitional justice is an important part of rehabilitation, state- and peace-building after conflict. However, it can also be part of a society that is recovering from a repressive regime or going through regime change. This is a collaboration between LawTransform, CMI, the University of Bergen and Bergen Global.

MenneskerettighetsbyenBergen as a Human Rights City
In June 2019, the City Council of Bergen unanimously voted to become Norway’s first Human Rights City. While the local government attempts to spell out what such a label entails, this seminar series will investigate the many human right challenges that exist in Bergen. Topics that will be explored varies from tourism to urban planning and groups of people who face different challenges.
This seminar series is a collaboration between LawTransform, the Rafto Foundation, the Church City Mission (Kirkens Bymisjon), CMI, the University of Bergen and Bergen Global.

Breakfast for Democracy #BFFDemocracy
Once a month, the Democracy and Law Research Unit hosts the Breakfast for Democracy (#bffDemocracy) seminars. In the series they discuss current events in world politics in light of research on processes of democratisation and autocratisation. This is a seminar series organised by the research project ‘Breaking BAD’ in cooperation with Bergen Global.

Masters’ week
This is an annual event where students who recently completed their Masters present their work in a public forum.