Videos from Bergen Exchanges 2021

Monday 16. August

The Global backlash against women’s rights

How to quota? Effects of legislating for equality of representation

Autocratic Legalism

Autocratization dynamics in Africa

Tuesday 17. August

The global typology of child protection systems

European Court of Human Rights on Child protection and Children’s Rights

Rethinking digitalization and the right to education post-COVID-19

Backlash against academic freedom

Religious/conservative movements and fake news

Wednesday 18. August

Addressing Sexual Violence: Technology and Truth Commissions

Migrant Health in the pandemic

Rethinking health systems beyond the pandemic

Thursday 19. August

Criminal Insanity – Medical, Philosophical and Legal Perspectives

Young people as Experts by Experience: Participatory Research, Policy-,and Service Development

Learning law & social change

Friday 20. August

Gender, Islam and Legal ordering in Post-US Afghanistan

Women on the Bench

Lunch with the judge

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Articles 3 and 12: opportunities and challenges