Academic Freedom and Democratic Backsliding in Comparative Perspective

When it comes to the organizational, economic, personnel and scientific autonomy of universities, other academic bodies we bear witness to the multiple attacks on it – even in seemingly democratic countries. It is clear, that in certain instances governments look at universities and academia as a threat because of the critical thinking they enable and teach about. So as to suppress any possible debate that would go against the status quo and can count as oppositional they aim to suppress their freedoms.

This kind of attitude is not really unique though. We saw/see such attacks from all around the world – for example in the countries our event will focus on.

Annual Lecture on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Date: 5 February 2021 Time: 15.00:16.30 Norwegian time (8.00-9.30 a.m. Guatemala time) Venue: Zoom To celebrate the Sami National Day, LawTransform, in collaboration with the Bergen Sami Society, invites you the 4th Annual Lecture on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Francisco Calí Tzay, the UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples will speak on: […]

Funding for new project: PARTICIPATION: Are Children Heard in the Child Protection System?

NEW PROJECT: Marit Skivenes, LawTransform’s Child Rights’s  unit research leader, has received funding to conduct a groundbreaking study of children’s participation. – Lack of participation and involvement of children is a big challenge in the Norwegian child protection system, says Marit Skivenes. The Research Council of Norway recently revealed the grant announcement for 2020. In […]

New project on Truth commissions and sexual violence

We congratulate a team of researchers lead by Elin Skaar (CMI), Research leader for the Courts, Judicial Behaviour & Transitional Justice Unit at LawTransform, who has been awarded a grant from the Norwegian Research Council to investigate “TRUTH COMMISSIONS AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE: African and Latin American Experiences”. The grant has a duration of 3 years […]

New project: DIMENSIONS

Professor Linda Gröning (Faculty of Law, UiB), LawTransform Affiliate received funding from the Research Council of Norway for the DIMENSIONS project: Remodelling criminal insanity and psychosis through the philosophical, legal and medical dimensions of the medical model.The research grant is 12 mln NOK worth and has a duration of five years. Through a novel multidimensional […]

New project: Gender, Islam and legal orderings in post-US Afghanistan

LawTransform Affiliate Torunn Wimpelmann (CMI) in conversation with Siri Gloppen (UiB, LawTransform) about the new project “Gender, Islam and legal orderings in post-US Afganistan” (CMI). Project leader: Astri Suhrke (CMI). This project will examine the relationship between gender and Islam in Afghanistan as it affects women’s rights and protections at a time when the country’s […]

Repeal abortion crime: a new path in the fight for legal abortion in Colombia

This webinar will address the recent legal mobilisation in Colombia around the elimination of abortion from the Colombian criminal code. This mobilization has been led by “Movimento Causa Justa” who filed a claim at the Constitutional Court, which a month later was accepted for judgement by the full court.

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About the centre

Centre on Law & Social Transformation – LawTransform – is a network of scholars, students and practitioners who share an interest in how law shapes societies, and the use of rights and courts as tools for social change. LawTransform was established in 2014 as a collaboration between the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) and the University of Bergen (UiB). Fellows and affiliates come from […]

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The BeEx2020 took place 14-21 August with lively discussions on law and social change. This year, our main focus was on Law & (In)equality – in cities, democracy, migration & knowledge, gender, child rights and natural resources and climate change. Videos of all events are available online.

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