Kongens gjestfrihet: flyktningers adgang, opphold og utvisning.

Den største flyktningebølgen siden 2. verdenskrig, som traff Europa i kjølvannet av den pågående borgerkrigen i Syria, har resultert i en opphetet debatt om statens forpliktelser i henhold til nasjonal lovgivning og internasjonale menneskerettigheter. Men hvilke rettigheter har staten til å innvilge eller avslå oppholdstillatelse? Og hvilken handlingsfrihet har staten til å tilbakekalle oppholdstillatelse og statsborgerskap? […]

LawTransform – researching law as an instrument of social change

Law is increasingly at the center of political battles. LawTransform – the Center on Law and Social Transformation – brings together scholars, students and practitioners across institutions and academic fields focusing on law as an instrument of social change. The center is located in Bergen and established jointly by CMI and the University of Bergen, but is also […]

New research project lead by Elin Skår

We congratulate a team of LawTransform researchers lead by Elin Skaar (Chr. Michelsen Institute), who has been awarded a grant from the Norwegian Research Council to investigate  ”Women on the Bench: The Role of Female Judges in Fragile States”. The project is a partnership between the CMI and the Overseas Development Institute (Pilar Domingo) and […]

Corporate Human Rights Abuses: State or Business Responsibility?

Time: Monday, 4 December, 4:00PM – 5:30PM Place: Bergen Resource Centre for International Development, Jekteviksbakken 31 Panel: Nnimmo Bassey (Director, Health of Mother Earth Foundation/Rafto Prize Laureate), Salil Tripathi (Senior Adviser, Institute for Human Rights and Business), and Namita Wahi (Fellow, Centre for Policy Research/ LawTransform). Moderator: Tina Søreide (Professor of Law and Economics, NHH/Leader of Corruption […]

Recent publications

Demokrati i forfall

Agenda Magasin, Akademisk Spalte, 30.10.17 Demokratiet er ingen selvfølge og kan forvitre foran øynene på oss om vi ikke er våkne. Forskere, journalister og aktivister verden over …

Manipulating Courts in New Democracies

Release date: September 29th, 2017 When can the Executive manipulate the composition of a Court? What political factors explain judicial instability on the bench? Using original field data …

“Constitutional developments in Latin American Abortion Law.”

For most of the 20th Century, restrictive abortion laws were in place in continental Latin America. In recent years, reforms have caused a liberalizing shift, …

Realizing Universal Health Coverage in East Africa: the relevance of human rights

Applying a robust human rights framework would change thinking and decision-making in efforts to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC), and advance efforts to promote women’s, …

Bringing Law into the Political Sociology of Humanitarianism

The blog post Building a Sociology of Law for the Humanitarian Field is based on the article.

Recent news

Mugabe’s demise: What’s next?

Svein-Erik Helle (CMI/UiB/LawTransform) has written a comment on the situation in Zimbabwe, published on CMI website 16.11.17.  After 37 years in power, it seems that history …

Interview with Andrea Castagnola about her new publication

Andrea Castagnola is an assistant professor at the School of Politics and Government at Universidad Nacional de San Martin, Argentina. In her new book “Manipulating …

Examining health system performance for indigenous people in the Peruvian Amazon through the lens of tuberculosis control

Announcing here a part of a project examining health system performance for indigenous people in the Peruvian Amazon through the lens of tuberculosis (TB) control (1 & …

The Bergen Exchanges 2017 – a short summary

Bergen Exchanges on Law & Social Transformation 21 -25 August 2017 The Centre on Law & Social Transformation (LawTransform) annually hosts The Bergen Exchanges on …

2017 Bergen Exchanges on Law & Social Transformation

Welcome to the 2017 Bergen Exchanges on Law & Social Transformation. The Bergen Exchanges on Law & Social Transformation is a meeting place for scholars and …