Live streaming at the Bergen Exchanges

This year we are live-streaming at the Bergen Exchanges! Events will be added to this page during the week. You can watch the events below: Monday 19 August Rights to the City KEYNOTE by Professor Louise Shelley: Natural Resource Corruption – How to research and address it? Political corruption and corruption as a political strategy […]

Per Adde: Life and Work

We are delighted to announce an exhibition of Per Adde’s art in Bergen. The exhibition will run from 16 August to 8 September at Kunstgarasjen. Throughout much of his life and through his art, Per Adde has been strongly involved in the struggles for the rights of the Sami people. He took an active part […]

Bergen Exchanges 2019 Program

You can find a downloadable program here.  Monday 19 August Corruption & Law 09:00-09:45: Formal opening of #BeEx2019 09:45-10:45: Rights to the City – Bergen as a Human Rights City 11:00-12:15: KEYNOTE: Louise Shelley Natural Resource Corruption – How to research and address it? 12:30-13:30: Corruption and Law Enforcement 14:30-15:30: Political corruption and corruption as […]

Bergen Exchanges on Law and Social Transformation 2019

19-23 AUGUST 2019 #BeEx2019 The Bergen Exchanges is a meeting place for scholars and practitioners from across the globe who seek to understand how law serves as an instrument of change – and how it shapes and is shaped by power relations. During a week of public discussions, we examine strategic uses of rights and […]

Would you like to volunteer during Bergen Exchanges?

We are looking for volunteers for our annual conference, the Bergen Exchanges! The Bergen Exchanges bring together academics and activists from all over the world for a week of seminars, debates, a PhD-course and fun social events. The main theme this year is Inequality & Intersectionality, Migration, Humanitarianism, Democracy and Methods. More information about the […]

LawTransform PhD course 2019

LawTransform PhD course 2019 Effects of Lawfare: Courts and law as battlegrounds for social change (14- 23 August) Practical information The course combines lectures specifically designed for the course and participation in the lectures, panels, round-tables, and workshops of the Bergen Exchanges on Law & Social Transformation. Here are the programs for the PhD-course/Bergen Exchanges and […]