Child rights and international discrimination law

Skivenes, M. and Søvig, K. H. (2019)

Child Rights and International Discrimination Law: Implementing Article 2 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Routledge Research in International Law.

Children’s right to non-discrimination Marit Skivenes and Karl Harald Søvig have edited a book on the implementation of children’s right to protection from discrimination. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) was adopted unanimously by the General Assembly of the UN in 1989. All countries in the world, except the United […]

Children’s Rights in Norway: An Implementation Paradox?

Malcolm Langford, Marit Skivenes and Karl Harald Søvig (2019)

Editors: Malcolm Langford, Marit Skivenes and Karl Harald Søvig. Norway tops international indexes on children’s rights but continues to attract criticism for its level of compliance with the Convention of the Rights of Child. This book is the first scholarly attempt to address this implementation paradox. The authors ask: What is the current level of […]

Child’s Best Interest Principle

Marit Skivenes and Line Marie Sørsdal (2018)

The Child’s Best Interest Principle across Child Protection Jurisdictions in Asgeir Falch-Eriksen and Elisabeth Backe-Hansen, Human Rights in Child Protection – Implications for Professional Practice and Policy (PP. 59-88). The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) has almost universal, global support, and several countries have made it national law. The CRC gives children strong rights, and a […]

Socialising effect of the ECHR: Estonia – a success story?

Katre Luhamaa (2018)

In this blogpost Child Rights affiliate Katre Luhamaa examines the effect of Estonias membership in the Council of Europe and European Court of Human Rights. International human rights are often seen as being instrumental in the socialisation of the states to democracy and liberty (see, e.g. Goodman and Jinks). There are also those who question […]

Considerable room for improving the child friendliness of courts

Marit Skivenes, Tarja Pösö, Jonathan Dickens and Jill Berrick (2018)

Court proceedings such as care order or removal cases are often a sincere distress for the child in question. Reports have found that shortcomings as for example intimidating settings, lack of age appropriate information and lack of child involvement are recurring challenges in these proceedings. In the article “International Perspectives on Child Responsive Courts”, professor […]

Are there population biases against migrant children?

Hege Stein Helland, Kartin Križ, Sagrario Segado Sánchez-Cabezudo & Marit Skivenes (2018)

Children and Youth Services Review

“Are there population biases against migrant children? An experimental analysis of attitudes towards corporal punishment in Austria, Norway and Spain” in Children and Youth Services Review. The study asks whether migrant children are viewed differently than native children, employing an experiment on a representative sample of the populations of Austria, Norway and Spain. Citizens are […]

Brazil: Conservative mobilization and adolescent pregnancy in Latin America

Authors: Camila Gianella,  Marta Rodriguez de Assis Machado and Angélica Peñas Defago On September 27, 2017, the Brazilian Supreme Court – in a 6 to 5 judgment – decided that public schools can have “confessional” (Catholic) religious teaching in their curriculum. The constitutional case had been proposed by the Attorney General, who argued that current practice – that privileges Roman Catholic […]

Care order templates as institutional scripts in child protection: A cross-system analysis

Authors Jill Duerr Berrick (School of Social Welfare, University of California, Berkeley, USA) Jonathan Dickens (Centre for Research on Children and Families, University of East Anglia, UK) Tarja Pösö (School of Social Sciences and Humanities¸ University of Tampere, Finland) Marit Skivenes (Department of Administration and Organization Theory, University of Bergen)   The article comperes blank […]

Pathways to permanence in England and Norway: A critical analysis of documents and data

Marit Skivenes (University of Bergen) and June Thoburn (University of East Anglia) (2017)

Published in Children and Youth Services Review, vol. 67, 2016, pp. 152-160. The English language term ‘permanence’ is increasingly used in high income countries as a ‘short-hand’ translation for a complex set of aims around providing stability and family membership for children who need child welfare services and out-of-home care. From a scrutiny of legislative […]

Child welfare workers’ experiences of obstacles in care order preparation: a cross-country comparison

Ida Juhasz (University of Bergen) and Marit Skivenes (University of Bergen) (2017)

Published in European Journal of Social Work, 2016 This paper examines the significant obstacles that child protection workers in four countries, England, Finland, Norway and the USA (CA), believe they would face at their workplace, in a case of a child removal decision. There are many potential barriers employees may experience in their work practice, […]