Are Norwegian prisons perfect?

Davi Málaga (2024)

This blogpost reflects part of Davi Mendes Málaga’s Ph.D. research on the field of Administration, with focus in Public Administration and Policy. In this work, this scholar is currently studying imprisonment and incarceration through a public policy standpoint, the different traditions in prison policy, as well as the way that policy choices affect the policy […]

Fosen-cases exists all over the world – but do they improve indigenous peoples’ rights?

Siri Gloppen (2024)


By Siri Gloppen  (Written as an op-ed in Panorama (in Norwegian) as part of the PluriLand project) Despite the special protection given to indigenous peoples under international law, abuses against indigenous peoples and those who fight for their rights continue. What does it take for the courts to protect indigenous rights? And does winning in […]

Will the U.S. Abolition Narrative Make its Way to Europe?

Jill D. Berrick (2024)

BLOG: Forces in the U.S. are calling for the abolition of the child protection system. Could Europe be next? Blog post by Jill Duerr Berrick, Professor of Social Welfare, UC Berkeley, and Professor II at the Department of Government, University of Bergen The national mood in the U.S. is sour.  Deep political divisions have riven the […]

Do young wives have agency?

Larissa Cristina Margarido (2023)

One of the most interesting – albeit challenging – parts of researching child marriage in Brazil is recognizing the need for a more nuanced, dynamic, and critical understanding of children’s agency. Unfortunately, we are still quite distant from it by PhD candidate Larissa Cristina Margarido, FGV Sao Paulo Law School How are sexual and family practices […]

Child Protection in post-Soviet countries: Child rights friendly?

Victoria Shmidt (2023)

BLOG: There has been a shift in many post-Soviet countries’ efforts to improve the protection of children’s rights in child protection, resulting in fewer children in residential care. However, there are still challenges for ensuring the sustainable implementation of children’s rights. Blog post by Postdoc Victoria Shmidt, UNIVERSITY OF GRAZ Child protection in the fifteen […]

Book Review: Global Gender Constitutionalism and Women’s Citizenship

Ana Côrtes (2023)

de Mello Côrtes, A. Ruth Rubio-Marín, Global Gender Constitutionalism and Women's Citizenship: A Struggle for Transformative Inclusion. Jindal Global Law Review (2023)

Guest researcher at LawTransform Ana Côrtes has written a book review on Global Gender Constitutionalism and Women’s Citizenship: A Struggle for Transformative Inclusion, which has been published in the Jindal Global Law Review. The book is written by Ruth Rubio-Marín and addresses the history of constitutionalism with women as the point of reference. Rubio-Márin launched the book at last years Bergen Exchanges […]

How ‘child life specialists’ secure children’s rights to participation

BLOG: Fulfilling children´s right to participate and be involved in complex settings such as hospital treatment, child protection, court proceedings, is difficult to realize. However, in the health sector the support of a psychosocial professional is a promising solution to securing children’s rights that may be considered within in other sectors. Blog post by Amarens […]

Reconciliation between the Norwegian state and the Sami, Kven and Norwegian Finns

Last week the Norwegian government published a rapport outlining measures that can be used to reconcile the Norwegian state and the Sami, Kven and Norwegian Finns. These indigenous and minority groups were over several decades victim to human rights violations through an assimilation policy known as Norwegianisation. Senior researcher at Chr. Michelsen Institute, Elin Skaar […]

Book chapters in Research Handbook on International Abortion Law

LawTransform co-director Liv Tønnessen and other LawTransform affiliates and PhD course alums have contributed with chapters in the newly published Research Handbook on International Abortion Law edited by Mary Ziegler, Martin Luther King Jr. Professor of Law, University of California, Davis School of Law, US. The book provides an in-depth, multidisciplinary study of abortion law […]

Legitimate child protection interventions and the dimension of confidence: A comparative analysis of populations views in six European countries

Mathea Loen and Marit Skivenes (2023)

Loen, Mathea and Marit Skivenes. 2023. Legitimate child protection interventions and the dimension of confidence: A comparative analysis of populations views in six European countries. Journal of Social Policy: 1–20. doi:10.1017/S004727942300003X, .

The child protection system and social services are a part of legitimate state institutions which are crucial to democratic governance, stability, and the sustainability of the welfare state. As legitimacy is often closely linked to the notion of trust and confidence, this study investigates public confidence in the child protection system by comparing six European […]