Alicia Yamin appointed Senior Fellow of the Global Health and Rights Project (GHRP)

Alicia Yamin, a Global Fellow of the Centre on Law and Social Transformation has been appointed Senior Fellow of the Global Health and Rights Project(GHRP) at Harvard University.


The project will work to promote the theorization of the “right to health”, and study how this right is applicable under both international and domestic law. How can using the human rights framework be a tool in advancing global health justice?

“It’s important to say that I see GHRP not as a platform for human rights cheerleading, but rather as a space, and opportunity, to engage in critical reflection on many of the assumptions and methods that have guided human rights work as it relates to health” says Yamin to the interviewee from the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy.

Yamin points to three principle challenges for promoting justice in the health law policy:

  1. Health has to be recognized as a legal right
  2. The right to health must be reflected in the institutions and how they prioritize
  3. It must be shown that treating health as a right can contribute to fairer health systems, more just societies, and help to curb global health inequity.

We congratulate Alicia with this wonderful appointment, and look forward to the findings of the project. See how Alicia explains the link between Health, Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Agenda in the video below