Bergen Exchanges 2019 Program

This program is under development and will be updated. For a downloadable program, click here.

Monday 19 August
Corruption and Law

  • KEYNOTE: Louise Shelley Natural Resource Corruption – How to research and address it?
  • Bergen as a Human Rights City – Rights to the City
  • Political corruption and corruption as a political tool
  • Corruption in court

Tuesday 20 August
Indigenous Rights

  • KEYNOTE: Rachel Sieder Indigenous rights as political tools – struggles over land and identity
  • The Sami truth commission in a comparative perspective

Wednesday 21 August
Research Methods and Ethics

  • Research methods in socio-legal studies
  • Project presentations: Methodologies and findings
    • Researching sexual and reproductive rights lawfare, drivers of politicization and health effects of criminalization
    • Researching Backlash Against Democracy (Breaking BAD)
  • Methods workshops
  • Lunching with Judges: Ruth Rubio-Marin in conversation with judges on their path to and experiences on the bench, part of the ‘Women on the Bench’ research project

Thursday 22 August
Natural Resources and Climate Change Lawfare

  • KEYNOTE: Leo Heller (UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Water) The human right to water as a governance mechanism and political tool
  • Climate change governance: global regimes, national interests, local norms
  • Environmental rights in court

Friday 23 August
Law and Technology

  • Law & Technology
  • Robot judging – threat to legal protection, or democratising access to justice?
  • Aadhaar and Social Credit  – challenges of regulating privacy
  • War on facts and responsible evidence appraisal in research for policy
  • Towards BeEx2020: Equality law and intersectionality
  • Innovative teaching on law and social change: student perspectives (part of the INTPART project)