INTPART – LawTransform: Effects of Rights & Law

Project Team: Siri Gloppen, Lara Côrtes, Marta Machado, Conrado Mendes, Jayna Kothari, Namita Wahu, Jackie Dugard, Bruce Wilson, Daniel Brinks (project managers) and several scholars in the partner institutions

Timeframe: 01/06/2018 - 07/05/2021

The project aims to consolidate the Centre on Law & Social Transformation as a leading hub for scholarship on the use of law as an instrument of social change, and to advance high-quality research-based education in this field in Norway and abroad.

Background and purpose: 

We aim to bring together an interdisciplinary team of scholars based in research and higher education institutions in Norway, Brazil, India, South Africa and the United States, who work in areas such as gender, health and natural resources (land, water).

With the support of the Research Council of Norway and the Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education (Diku) through the INTPART-programme, LawTransform has built on research projects based at the centre to provide innovative and relevant interdisciplinary research-based education. More concretely, LawTransform:

  • has improved the PhD course “Effects of Lawfare” at UiB, making it a permanent course taught every August;
  • has enabled students form partner institutions to travel to Bergen to participate in the PhD course;
  • has supported researchers stays at partner institutions in Norway and abroad;
  • has applied for new research projects.