Abolition of child protection – The ultimate denial of child rights

Date/time: 26th of October 14:15-15:30

Place: Jekteviksbakken 31

Welcome to a seminar that delves into the pressing issues surrounding child welfare today.

Condemnation of child welfare services is growing in the US. Some view everything about child welfare as wrong, counter-productive – even a violation of human rights. According to Jill D. Berrick, this abolitionist viewpoint tries to find simple solutions for a very complex issue, namely, how to keep kids safe and their families healthy and stable within the context of US’ flawed history on poverty and race.

Berrick argues that just as the child welfare field once relied too heavily on family separation, the abolition school of thought would rid the US of its legally mandated obligation to child safety.

The US child welfare system has had decades of attempts toward reform. Berrick argues that the reforms have not gone far enough, nor have they had the widespread or deep effects that many wants to see.

🗣️More about the speaker:
Jill D. Berrick is a Distinguished Professor and the Zellerbach Family Foundation Professor of Social Welfare, UC Berkeley, and Professor II at the Department of Government, University of Bergen. Her research focuses on the child welfare system and efforts to improve the experiences of children and families touched by foster care. Her interests target the intersection of poverty, childhood development, parenting and the service systems designed to address family well-being.

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