PluriLand Workshop 2024: Mexico City

At the beginning of this month, PluriLand organised a workshop at the Institute of Legal Research at Mexico’s National Autonomous University to discuss advances in the team’s research and gain generous feedback from experts in the field. In this two-day workshop, PluriLand reviewed the work that has been accomplished so far with the project, and also the plans for the future.

The workshop included multiple presentations from team members of PluriLand focused on theorizing and empirically exploring the transformative dimensions of land claiming through courts. A matrix for comparatively analyzing land rights litigation was discussed, together with theoretical literature review essays by the research team which aim to contribute to discussions on the transformative dimensions of land rights claiming and the role of the courts. Colleagues from the UNAM, CIDE and Instituto Mora in Mexico City and the University of Texas, Austin commented on the advances presented, greatly enriching our scholarly exchanges.


The PluriLand Project is a research initiative exploring the realm of plural legal regimes governing land rights and its often-transnational nature and aims to develop new theoretical and methodological contributions to analyzing land rights claiming before courts. For more information, see our page here.