Abortion Rights Lawfare: Comparative Perspectives

Abortion rights are contested in all regions of the world, and activists on all sides use courts – domestic as well as international – as well as the legislative arena and the streets to fight their cause. This session brings together experts on struggles over abortion rights from the Americas, Africa, Europa and India, to discuss the similarities and differences in how these struggles in and out of court play out in the different cultural and political contexts.

Introduction: Paola Bergallo (DiTella University, Buenos Aires)

Participants include:  Mulumbet Zenebe (Addis Abeba University, Ethiopia),

Liv Tønnessen (CMI), Jayna Kothari (CLPR Bangalore), Atina Krajewska (University of

Sheffield), Ruth Fletcher/Fiona de Londras (tbc*) Mindy Roseman (Yale University, USA)