Abortion Rights Lawfare in Latin America

Abortion is high politics in many parts of the world, not least in Latin America. Over the past decade, some countries have totally banned abortion or further restricted access, while others have liberalized their laws and policies. Activist on all sides have used courts in their struggles – and strategies and rhetoric seem to travel. Why do we see these dynamics? Who are the central actors and networks? And what are the consequences? This panel presents work in progress from a Centre on Law & Social Transformation (LawTransform) research project on “Abortion Rights Lawfare in Latin America”.

Chair: Rachel Sieder (CIESAS, Mexico, PI)
Panelists: Yacotzin Bravo on Mexico; Camila Gianella on Peru; Angelica Peñas on El Salvador, Marta Machado on Brazil, Paola Bergallo on Argentina; Isabel Jaramilo on Colombia; Ana Cristina Gonzalez on regional dynamics.

Comments by Ruth Rubio Marin (European University Institute) and Heidi Thornhill (Haukeland Hospital, Bergen)