An Indigenous Perspective on Climate Change Solutions: A Decolonial Learning Journey


Time/date: 17. February. 12:00-13:00

Place: Bergen Global (Jekteviksbakken 31)

The 2023 Annual Lecture on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

will be held by Dr. Ranjan Datta ( Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair at Mount Royal University in Canada) He will speak on: “An Indigenous Perspective on Climate Change Solutions: A Decolonial Learning Journey”,  

Following the lecture, there will be a panel discussion with Jebunnessa Chapola (Mount Royal University), Ragnhild Freng Dale (Vestlandsforsking) og Shayan Shokrgozar (UiB). Light lunch will be served.

Dr. Ranjan Datta

Ranjan Datta, PhD. Canada Research Chair II in Community Disaster Research at Indigenous Studies, Department of Humanities, Mount Royal University, Calgary. Alberta, Canada. Ranjan’s research interests include advocating for Indigenous environmental sustainbilities, responsibilities for decolonial research, Indigenous water and energy justice, critical anti-racist climate change resilience, and cross-cultural community research. He has a total of 58 peer-reviewed publications, including 3 books, 5 edited books, 2 journal special issues, on decolonial research, traditional story sharing, Indigenist community-based participatory action research, Indigenous land-water and sustainabilities issues. Dr. Datta has developed a strong understanding of decolonial and Indigenist research frameworks in his 17 years conducting research with Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in Canada, USA, and South Asia. His current research program is supported by his existing network of Indigenous, visible minority immigrants and refugees, Black communities, scholars, students, practitioners, and professionals in Canada and beyond.


Dr. Jebunnessa Chapola

Dr. Chapola is a Postdoctoral Fellow at The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Regina, SK, Canada.

Dr. Chapola’s postdoctoral research titled: “Women-led Climate Change Solutions (WCCS): Developing A Policy Guide from Indigenous and Immigrants’ Perspectives.” This research aims to create a Women-lead Community Climate Solutions Space (WCCS) on principles of equity, utilizing practices, fostering community resilience on climate change (CC); to address climate change risk and women’s vulnerability, mainly focusing on Indigenous, transnational immigrant, and refugee women; and to provide concrete recommendations to policymakers for creating socially inclusive climate adaptation policies and practices at local, provincial, and federal levels. Dr. Chapola also teach as a Sessional Lecturer at Mount Royal University, Calgary, Canada.


Ragnhild Freng Dale

Senior researcher at Vestlandsforsking. Freng Dale is a social anthropologist with particular interest for energy, climate transformation and the impact of climate on small communities.


Shayan Shokrgozar

PhD Candidate at CET (Centre for Energy and Climate Transformation), at Department of Geography, University of Bergen.

The Annual Lecture on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is a cooperation between LawTransform (the CMI-UiB Centre on Law & Social Transformation), Bergen Sameforening, GRIP (Global Research Program on Poverty),  CET (Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation)  and Bergen Global.