Annual LawTransform Lecture: Gerald Rosenberg “Hollow Hope Revisited: on the impact of marriage equality litigation in the USA”

Gerald Rosenberg’s 1991 book “The Hollow Hope”, one of the most cited works in socio-legal studies, forcefully argued that litigation is unlikely to bring significant social change. A quarter of a century later, it remains the standard reference, placing the onus of proof on those who see lawfare as a path to social transformation to present convincing evidence. Many would argue that the recent developments regarding same sex marriage in the United States – where litigation has been central – challenges Rosenberg’s view. In this lecture he gives his analysis. Following the lecture there will be comments from an expert panel before the floor is opened for general debate.

The lecture is free and open to all.
If you want to attend the subsequent reception please rsvp to by 17 August. Facebook event:

Gerald N. Rosenberg teaches political science and law at the University of Chicago Law School.