Masters week – Attitudes towards homosexuals in Africa

Date: 5th March 2019
Time: 16:30-17:30
Venue: Bergen Global, Jekteviksbakken 31

In this session during Master’s week, Ruben Berge Mathisen will present his MA thesis: A postmaterialist explanation for homophobia in Africa: Multilevel analysis of attitudes towards homosexuals in 33 African countries. 

In his thesis, Ruben argues that economic development substantially contributes to creating a Postmaterialist public culture – part of which is tolerance for homosexuality. Economic development triggers the following mechanisms: a) Increasing general living standard, b) spreading public education and c) moving demand for labor away from agriculture and industry towards the service sector. Homophobia is likely to persist in cases where economic development is absent, or if it does not trigger these key mechanisms. The thesis uses multilevel modeling and mediation analysis on an original dataset consisting of Afrobarometer survey data for 33 African countries (N=47.821) as well as a number of country-level variables. The analysis in complimented with a smaller analysis of World Value Survey data for seven countries over time. You can read more and access the whole thesis here.

His presentation will be followed by a discussion with Norman Andersson (UiB) and Lise Rakner (UiB). The discussion will be chaired by Ingvild Aagedal Skage (UiB/LawTransform).

This event is free and open to all, light refreshments will be served. Welcome!