Revisit the Bergen Exchanges on Law & Social Transformation 2020

Revisit the 2020 Bergen Exchanges on Law & Social Transformation!

#BeEx2020 took place from 14-21 August with lively discussions on law and social change. This year, our main focus was on Law & (In)equality – in cities, democracy, migration & knowledge, gender, child rights and natural resources and climate change. All events were streamed online  and the videos are available here.

You will also find links to the videos – and pictures from the week . in the  “Revisit the BeEx2020 program-summary”  — and in the separate events here on the LawTransform webpage or on Facebook!

Thanks to our partners and co-organizers: the Global Research Programme on Inequality (GRIP), the Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism, and the Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting (BCEPS), and with the support of UiB Global Challenges (GSU), the Research Council of Norway, the Rafto Foundation, Fritt Ord, and Bergen Municipality.

For more information about the Bergen Exchanges, see: