Book Launch: The Politics of the Headscarf in the United States

Date: September 19
Time: 08:30 – 09:30
Place: Bergen Resource Centre for International Development (Jekteviksbakken 31)
Organiser: Bergen Resource Centre CMI/UiB 

Meet Sarah Tobin (CMI), Aubrey Westfall (Wheaton College, Massachusetts, US) and Özge Celik Russell (Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey) in conversation with Lise Rakner (UiB) about their new book.

It is a pleasure to welcome all to this book launch to discuss the new book: The Politics of the Headscarf in the United States (Cornell University Press 2018). We have invited three of the authors to talk about their findings, and look forward to an exciting conversation moderated by Lise Rakner.

About the book
The Politics of the Headscarf in the United States investigates the social and political effects of the practice of Muslim-American women wearing the headscarf (hijab) in a non-Muslim state. The authors find the act of head covering is not politically motivated in the U.S. setting, but rather it accentuates and engages Muslim identity in uniquely American ways.

Read more about the book on our web page:

About the authors
Sarah Tobin is an economic anthropologist with expertise in Islam and gender in the Middle East. She is the author of the monography Everyday Piety: Islam and Economy in Jordan (Cornell UP 2016). She is a Senior Researcher at CMI.

Aubrey Westfall is an assistant professor of political science at Wheaton College in Norton, MA. Her research focuses on the political experiences of ethnic and religious minorities, and especially immigrant groups.

Özge Çelik Russell is assistant professor of political science at Gazi University in Turkey. Çelik Russell specializes in political theory and political participation with a special focus on women’s rights, political agency, and voter turnout.