Constitution, Courts & Politics – Interdisciplinary Bachelor Course, UiB Spring 2024

Date/time: 1st February 2024 – 12:15

Location: Seminar room 2 at the Faculty of Law (Dragefjellet) Magnus Lagabøtes Plass 1

Constitution, Courts and Politics (GOV216 / JUS2308) is a offered jointly by the Faculty of law and the Department of Government at the University of Bergen in collaboration with LawTransform (the centre on Law & Social Transformation).
It is open to all UiB students, but is aimed particularly at students from law and political science (Government, Comparative Politics).

The aim of the course is to make students gain understanding of the politics embedded in the law, and the role of law and legal institutions in politics. This includes understanding how the law is mobilised in contemporary struggles over democracy, indigenous rights, climate change, child rights, abortion, queer rights and gender equality. And twhat makes judges decide differently when faced with the same case?

The course brings together a diverse and international group of students and relies on student active learning though dialogical, interdisciplinary lectures; meetings with practitioners; group work: reflection notes, games, movies, social events, and book salons where students interview authors of some of the main books on the curriculum. The professors – Eirik Holmøyvik (Law, UiB) Mehmet Konar-Steenberg (Mitchell Hamline School of Law, USA) Siri Gloppen (GOV/LawTransform UiB) and Marit Skivenes (GOV UiB) – are exited to get started!

Want to check it out? Come to seminar room 2 at the Faculty of Law (Dragefjellet) Thursday 1 February. For the course description see: