Corruption and Criminal Justice

Why is criminal law regulation of corruption enforced so differently across countries? And if we could choose, what would optimal law enforcement solutions look like? This book explains why economists and legal scholars tend to have different answers to these questions – and why this is a problem. At present, there are severe shortcomings in most criminal justice systems’ ability to control corruption, and the consequences are at their most severe in low-income countries.

Tina Søreide is a Professor of Law and Economics at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). Søreide studies corruption, law enforcement, corporate compliance and international development. She has published extensively on anti-corruption, and has worked as a consultant on World Bank, EU and OECD anti-corruption initiatives.

In a conversation with Linda Grøning Professor of Law and Chair of the Research group on criminal law at the University of Bergen and David Aled Williams Senior Advisor (U4) at CMI.