Disability Rights: Exploring equal access through the life experience of a passionate chef

Patricio Villanueva-Donoso in conversation with Catalina Vallejo (Los Andes University and LawTransform) and Ragnhild Osnes Legreid (Bergen Resource Centre for International Development).

Patricio Villanueva-Donoso is a 41-year-old passionate chef. He holds a degree in International Gastronomic Production Management and has a background in Systems Engineering. Six years ago, he suddenly lost his hearing due to a rare hereditary disease. He then had to give up his job as head chef at two restaurants in Bergen and fell into a deep depression. Later he looked for work in other areas that did not involve communicating directly with people, but because what he has loved the most is working as a chef, he felt frustrated and decided to push for different options. He refused an early pension and failed many job interviews due to his condition, which led him to send letters to organisations looking for information about sign language and support to continue developing his full potential. After overcoming many social, legal and personal barriers, today he works as Head of the Catering Department and casino in Signo Dokken AS, where he guides several deaf people through sign language. The seminar will explore this life experience and what it means in the context of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Sign language interpretation will be provided.

All welcome!