Discretion and the Child’s Best Interest in Child Protection: Project launch & reception

Bergen Literature House, Østre Skostredet

Time: 18:00-21:00

At this final event of the 2017 Bergen Exchanges, professor in political science Marit Skivenes (University of Bergen, will present the ambitious goals for a new research agenda on child protection. A key question is how to secure the quality and legitimacy of the intrusive and extremely difficult interventions that child protection staff and judges have to make.

She will be joined by:

  • Professor in law Karl Harald Søvig (University of Bergen, who will elaborate on the child protection cases that the European Court of Human Rights has communicated to the Norwegian state,
  • Associate professor in social work, Kenneth Burns University College Cork, Ireland), who will present the Irish road towards banning corporal punishment.
  • Professor in sociology Katrin Kriz, ((Emmanuel College, USA) will present findings from five population’s attitudes (Austria, Estonia, Ireland, Norway and Spain) on corporal punishment of children.
  • Professor in social work, Tarja Pösö (University of Tampere, Finland) will lead a panel debate comprised of international experts on the issue of thresholds for child protection interventions and the legitimate role of state intervention into families. Questions and comments from the audience are most welcome.

– This event points ahead to the 2018 Bergen Exchanges (20-24 August 2018) where child rights (along with health and the law) will be a main focus, including as a PhD special track.