Crackdown on LGBT rights in Egypt

Time: 08:30-9.30

The Centre on Law and Social Transformation is happy to invite you to a breakfast seminar on LGBT rights in Egypt.

The waving of a rainbow flag during a concert in Egypt on September 22. sparked a modern-day witch-hunt leading to the arrest of 33 people, some of whom were caught in sting operations where the police used fake dating app profiles. Following this episode, a new law that would directly outlaw same-sex acts has gained wide support among Egyptian parliamentarians despite drawing international criticism. These recent developments are the latest illustration of a year-long campaign to oppress the Egyptian LGBT community. What are the social impacts of the current crackdown on LGBT rights? And why does it happen now?

This morning we are joined by Mari Norbakk who in discussion with Vegard Vibe will shed light on these questions. Norbakk is a PhD-candidate working on the issue of men and masculinity in the Middle East.

Coffee and croissants will be served! The event is open to all.

Mari Norbakk is a PhD-candidate in social anthropology at UiB
Vegard Vibe is PhD-candidate in comparative politics at UiB