Fake academia


In the past year, fake news has been a much-debated phenomenon. However, fraudulent publications have also emerged from a rather unexpected (or not) field, namely academia.


What is fake academia, and what are its consequences for academia’s credibility? This seminar will address problematic aspects regarding predatory journals. Furthermore, it will attempt to connect this discussion to the one evolving around fake news. To what extent do these two seemingly growing industries have anything in common?


The panel will be constituted by:


Gry-Ane Lavik, Senior Adviser, NSD – Norsk senter for forskningsdata AS

Kristina Espeseth, Adviser, NSD- Norsk sentre forskningsdata AS

Erik Knudsen, Postdoctoral Fellow, The Digital Social Science Core Facility (DIGSSCORE)


Coffee and croissants will be served. Welcome!


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