Film & reflection: “Democrats” – constitution-making in Zimbabwe

How do two former political enemies deliver a new constitution for Zimbabwe, a country governed by the infamous political leader, Robert Mugabe, for almost 30 years?

“Democrats” won the 2015 Best Documentary Feature at the Tribeca film festival in New York. The film portrays how the Zimbabwean political elite fight the battle over the founding principles for the country´s political future. The film director has followed the inner circles of the political leadership for three years.

After the film, there will be a panel discussion with Lise Rakner (Department of Comparative Politics, UiB), Helge Rønning (Department of Media and Communication, UiO) and Elling Tjønneland (Chr. Michelsen Institute). They will discuss Zimbabwe´s constitution-making process in its broader context of authoritarian rule, economic crises and poverty, and how it could affect political change. They will also discuss the role of a documentary film team in such a politically charged and determining moment of a country’s future.