GOD IS A WOMAN – CineLatino. Free tickets & Meet the Director Andrés Peyrot

GOD IS A WOMAN is a beautiful, complex, and extremely well made documentary about the indigenous Guna people in Panama and their rights to their history and identity, directed by Andrés Peyrot.

LawTransform is offering 60 free tickets to the Cine Latino screening, which also includes an exclusive meet-the-director event where Carmeliza Rosario (CMI) interviews Andrés Peyrot about the film. So be sure to secure yours online here

About ‘God is a Woman’

The Guna people of the picturesque island community of Guna Yala in Panama were the subject of a film by an Oscar-winning French documentarian in 1975. 45 years later, none of those involved have seen the film in which they were the stars. The elderly in the village who remember the filming and young Gunas who work with film join forces to fulfill the dream of showing the film in the local community. Along the way, they discuss how they have been portrayed, how they see themselves and how they themselves want to tell their stories in the future. GOD IS A WOMAN is an extremely well-made documentary by Panamanian-Swiss Andrés Peyrot. He combines rich archive material with stories from a wide range of exciting people from the present. Peyrot has created a complex meta-documentary with a wide historical scope, full of nuances and different perspectives. The love of film shines through as strongly as the respect for a people who, more than any other indigenous people in America, have succeeded in gaining self-government. Director Andrés Peyrot will be present at the screening on Friday 8 March at 14.45 and will have a conversation after the film in collaboration with the Center on Law and Social Transformation


KP12 Bergen kino


8th March, 14:45