TOLL: Free Cine Latino Screening & Queer Reflections

‘TOLL’  is a stylish and warm Brazilian drama about conversion therapy, crime and good intentions.

In collaboration with Cine Latino,  LawTransform and SkeivForsk (the UiB Queer Research Network) hosts a free-of-charge viewing of the highly acclaimed film, directed by Carolina Markowicz. There will be a panel discussion after the viewing.  

About TOLL:
The flamboyant Antonio enjoys making music videos for social media, while his mother Suellen works in the toll booth between São Paulo and the coast. They have a good relationship, but bad advice from friends makes Suellen let her mother’s love show with wanting to send her gay son to conversion therapy. Suellen’s idea for making extra money for the expences gets her entangled with a sketchy criminal bunch.

Director Carolina Markowicz returns to Cine Latino after last year’s absurd family drama CRACHOAL, and again shows love for her complex characters, as well as a dose of dark irony. Lavish neon colours and excellent texture makes for a beautiful for a nuanced story on social and economical challenges. Young Kauan Alvarenga is convincing as the steady and confident, yet vulnerable, Antonio. After roles in CHARCOAL, AQUARIUS (2016) and NEON BULL (BIFF 2015), Maeve Jenkins consolidates her star status with a super performance as Suellen.

Auditorium 145 Juss II-building (Jekteviksbakken 31 – entrance from Nøstegaten)
6th March, 16:30