Gender quotas on the rise – polarization or parity?

Date: 15th March 2019
Time: 12:15-14:00
Venue: Bergen Global, Jekteviksbakken 31

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Gender quotas are a popular, yet controversial tool for increasing women’s representation. Today, more than 130 countries around the world have adopted gender quotas in one form or another. They are used in diverse arenas such as politics, corporate boards, public administration and even in civil society organizations.

For many, gender quotas are seen a democratic tool aimed at including those previously excluded into decision-making roles, while transforming dominant conceptions of citizenship and gender equality. Critics however accuse the use of gender quotas for promoting “undeserving” women to positions which are not based on merit alone. Consequently, the adoption of gender quotas has in some cases been met with resistance from political parties, supreme courts and other actors.

In this seminar, Ruth Rubio-Marin (European University Institute) will discuss the possibilities and challenges connected to the rise of gender quotas in Europe as she presents in the new edited book “Transforming Gender Citizenship: The Irresistible Rise of gender Quotas in Europe”. Following her presentation, Professor Ragnhild L. Muriaas (University of Bergen) and Pilar Domingo (Overseas Development Institute) will join the panel for a discussion of the use of gender quotas in a global perspective.

Ruth Rubio-Marin (European University Institute)
Ragnhild L. Muriaas (University of Bergen)
Pilar Domingo (Overseas Development Institute)

Moderator: Marianne Tøraasen (CMI)

All welcome to attend! Refreshments will be served.