Gendered politics of Autocratization in Africa

Transnational campaigns challenging sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender equality, and human rights more broadly have grown in recent years, gaining significant momentumacross many countries and regions. Globally, issues related to women’s rights – abortion and reproductive health services, comprehensive sex education, and protections against gender-based violence (including female genital mutilation and child marriage), have moved to the centre of politics. Even more politicised, at least on the African continent are queer issues: homosexuality, and other questions related to gender identity and expression are central to public discourse and political mobilization and instrumental for illiberal and autocratic politicians´ rise to and hold on to power. What drives and shapes these trends and to what effects? In this keynote, Satang Nabaneh will discuss the characteristics of the gendered autocratization dynamics – and counter-forces – that play out on the African continent.

(Illustration by David Nnanna Ikpo9.

Satang Nabaneh is the the Director of Programs for the Human Rights Center at the University of Dayton, and Affiliated with the Univeristy of Pretoria and with LawTransform. She is a prolific legal scholar, researching and teaching a range of topics: gender and the law, constitutional law, clinical legal education. She is also a human rights practitioner with broad experience from work at domestic and international levels on a range of topics including the development of human rights norms and standards on women’s rights in Africa including HIV, sexual and reproductive health and rights, child marriage, and property rights of women.

After the keynote there will be a panel discussion and Q&A

The seminar is part of the Law Democracy and Welfare seminar series coordinated by the DIPA centre and LawTransform in collaboration with Bergen Global.


The seminar is also part of the PhD course on “Gendered Autocratization” at the Department of Government, UiB

The seminar is open to all and will be streamed.