Global LGBTIQ equality battles

The past decade has seen increasing political contestation over sexual orientation and gender identity in all parts of the world, with rights and courts – both at national and international level –at the center of the battles. In Western Europe and North America, contemporary struggles concern mainly marriage equality and discrimination, in many countries in Africa and the Middle East, the criminalization of homosexuality and stricter penalties for same sex intimacy are at the heart of the political contest, while a more varied spectrum of issues are currently contested in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. This panel presents work in progress from two research projects on “Sexual & Reproductive Rights Lawfare: Global Battles”

Panel of case studies chaired by Siri Gloppen:
• International Lawfare (Malcom Langford & Vegard Vibe)
• Latin America (Camila Gianella & Bruce Wilson)
• Carlos Zelada
• Argentina (Paola Bergallo)
• Austria (Stephanie Schmölzer)
• India (Vikram Kolmanskog)
• Uganda (Adrian Jjuuko)
• Malawi (Chrispine Sibande)

Comments by Daniel Brinks.