How to quota? Effects of legislating for equality of representation

Date: 16 August 2021
For more than half a century, quotas have been used to promote political (and other forms of) representation of women and minorities. However, quotas remain a source of political, constitutional and scholarly contestation. Drawing on data among other from Brazil, Argentina, India, and African countries, this roundtable asks what the evidence is on the effects of quotas, and what lessons can be drawn. It also addresses the ongoing contestation over quotas, including the debate about whether quotas – if granted to certain groups, such as women – also should be granted to other underrepresented groups; and the discussion over which domains quotas should be applied to, and on what scale.
A roundtable discussion chaired by Catarina Barbieri (FGV Law School/Guest researcher LawTransform), in conversation with Francisca Refsum Jensenius (Professor of Political Science, University of Oslo), Ruth Rubio Marin (Professor of Law, University of Sevilla) and Ragnhild Muriaas (Professor of Political Science, UiB) .