Keynote: Criminal Insanity – Medical, Philosophical and Legal Perspectives

Date: 19 August 2021
This session explores different disciplinary perspectives on criminal insanity. The focus is on the significance of delusions for the law’s understanding of who should be found insane and who should not. While psychotic delusions are commonly related to insanity, it is sometimes difficult to demarcate between delusions and ideological beliefs — seen for instance in the 22 July case.
The panelists will enlighten the meaning of delusion from a legal, philosophical and medical perspective, and the possibility of a joint approach will be discussed.
Joint Keynote lecture by  Linda Grönning (Professor of Law, UiB), Unn K. Haukvik (Associate Professor, Institute of Clinical Medicine, UiO) and Susanna Radovic (Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, University of Gothenburg).
This event presents the RCN funded project DIMENSIONS, based at UiB Law.