Land Rights, Land Acquisition, and Inclusive Development in India

Findings from the LawTransform project on “Land Rights and Inclusive Sustainable Development in India’s Federal System” is presented at conference in New Delhi on 2-3 March 2017. The conference is jointly hosted by the CPR Land Rights Initiative and the  Centre on Law & Social Transformation. 

The project team (including Namita Wahi, Siri Gloppen, Kavita Søreide and Pallav Shukla pictured above, as well as Hugo Stokke and Ankit Bhatia)  analyses the political economy of land rights in areas where the adivasis (indigenous or tribal population) has a special constitutional protection (in the 5th and 6th Schedules of the Indian Constitution). Focus is on the states of Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and MeghalayaIndia faces serious challenges in creating development processes that generate economic growth while being socially inclusive, ecologically sustainable, politically feasible, and in accordance with the Rule of Law.

Equitable and efficient acquisition of land by the state for economic development projects, including infrastructure and industry, lies at the heart of these challenges. The conference launches the CPR Land Rights Initiative report on “Land Acquisition in India: A Review of Supreme Court cases from 1950-2016”, that attempts some preliminary answers to these challenges. A previous seminar showcasing the first phase of this research can be accessed here:

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