Launch of Child Rights Unit and “Child Welfare Removals by the State”

The Centre on Law and Social Transformation is pleased to invite you to the presentation of it’s newest unit, the Child Rights Unit, and the launch of the cross-country research and book “Child Welfare Removals by the State: A Cross-Country Analysis of Decision-Making Systems”.

In the wake of the Convention on the Rights of the Child of 1989, normative, legal and empirical research questions have arised. The Convention formally places children on an equal level as adults. However, the rise of children’s rights have brought on questions, especially in regards to the traditional relationship between the family and the state, as well as the child and the state.

This seminar is launching the new research unit on Child Rights at the Centre on Law and Social Transformation.

Finger-food and drinks will be served and there will be plenty of time for mingeling. The event is free of charge and open to all.



18:00-19:00 Presentation of Child Rights Unit and Relevant Research
Professor Marit Skivenes (UiB), Associate Professor and Lawtransforms Co-Director Malcolm Langford (UiO) and Professor Karl Harald Søvig (UiB), will together with Professor and Lawtransform’s Director Siri Gloppen (UiB)  discuss relevant research on children’s rights, the new Child Rights research unit, and its sub-projects.

The Leader of Amnesty Student Bergen Pascual Strømsnæs, will present the issues that Amnesty’s student group have worked on including;  child marriage and the right to education. In addition,  Pascual Strømsnæs will elaborate on the rights of children within the Norwegian boarders, and their relation to the Child Protection Service (Barnevernet) and health services.

Judge and Leader of the County Board for Child Welfare and Social Affairs, Geir Kjell Andersland will talk about the current status of children’s rights in Norway, with an emphasis on child protection. He will elaborate on Norway’s relation to the Convention on the Rights of the Child and discuss the family courts’ impact on children’s rights.

19:00-19:20 Break with food, beverages and mingeling

19:20-20:30 Launch and Discussion of Book
Professor Marit Skivenes (UiB) will present the highly relevant book “Child Welfare Removals by the State: A Cross-Country Analysis of Decision-Making Systems”, which she has co-edited.

Researcher Asgeir Falch-Eriksen (Centre for Welfare and Labour Research) will comment on the book and elaborate on the exercise of coercion in the context of children’s rights.

20:30-21:00 Discussion and Questions

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