Launching the Bergen School of Global Studies

University of Bergen Aula
Tuesday 03. November 2020, 12:00 – 14:00

Unfortunately this event is now fully booked.
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Welcome to the opening of the Bergen School of Global Studies in the University Aula on 3. November!
Pro Rector Margaret Hagen and Professor Bente Moen, Head of UiB Global Challenges will conduct the formal opening. Director of the Bergen School of Global Studies Siri Gloppen, will present the vision of the School and the infrastructure it provides for visibility of global challenges related courses and research in Bergen, and for the development of new courses and initiatives. A selection of existing interdisciplinary and innovative courses and Master’s programs on global challenges will be presented – and we would like to hear from you all on where we the school should go.

The full programme

About the Bergen School of Global Studies:
The world faces unprecedented challenges in areas such as global health, climate change, migration and global inequality. As made clear by the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals., these problems cut across traditional knowledge boundaries and systems and call for open knowledge systems and interdisciplinary cooperation in research and education.
The Bergen School of Global Studies was established by the UiB Global Challenges strategic area in response to the need to make education at the Master’s level in Bergen more interdisciplinary and relevant to meet global challenges. The aim is to enhancing cooperation between departments and faculties at UiB and institutions in Bergen to strengthen the portfolio of English language Master level education.

The School showcases the wide variety of English language courses and programmes already available in Bergen to students interested in contributing to solving complex global challenges – including inequality, migration,  health, climate transformation and governance. In addition to providing this superstructure of existing studies the School also provides a support structure for the development of new, cross faculty and cross institutional courses, and for developing existing courses, both in terms of disciplinary focus and pedagogy, including digital formats.

The school promotes inter- and cross-disciplinarity in education, and facilitates student access to disciplinary traditions outside their core environment. The School will also strengthen ties between research and learning and guide students to relevant resources such as research institutes and centres, research groups and internship programmes.
In short, the School aims to make Bergen even more attractive and worthwhile for students interested in global challenges as their field of study.
All relevant English language MA (and elevator) courses and initiatives from all institutions in Bergen are welcome to be a part of the Bergen School of Global Studies.