Measuring Child Rights in Norway: Author’s Workshop

Measuring Child Rights is an author’s workshop for scholars and researchers within the field of child rights. The participants will present their emerging research projects and discuss the substance of these.

The author’s workshop is a closed event. Participants include:

  • Karl Harald Søvig (Professor, University of Bergen)
  • Malcolm Langford (Associate Professor, University of Oslo)
  • Sanne Hoffman (Special Advisor, Redd Barna)
  • Marit Skivenes (Professor, University of Bergen)
  • Jan Tøssebro (Director, NTNU Social Research)
  • Linda Grøning (Faculty of Law, University of Bergen)
  • Tone Fløtten (Managing Director, FAFO)
  • Hilde Lidén (Research Professor, Institute for Social Research)
  • Nina Drange (Researcher, Statistics Norway)
  • Tori Kirkebø (University of Oslo)
  • Inger Aasgaard (CRC Project)