Playing with the rules – how extractive industries players pursue illicit practices and what can be done about it?

Time: 08:30-09:30 Tuesday 3rd of December

Place: Bergen Global, Jekteviksbakken 31

Watch here:

Over the last two decades, several laws and initiatives have been adopted around the world to fight illicit financial flows, but corruption and tax avoidance remain high in the oil, gas and mining sector. What are some of the reasons for that? Extractive industries actors, being multinational companies or public officials, use law to their advantage. They try to be creative and innovative in order to pursue illicit practices: they circumvent and manipulate anti-corruption legislation or transparency measures. The so-called legal and financial engineering through the use of complex ownership structures, shell companies and law havens facilitate these illicit financial flows – while experts who master the legal, political and financial environment in which extractive industries players evolve provide instrumental support.

These are some of the findings in Sophie Lemaître´s recent book “Corruption, tax avoidance and money laundering in the extractive industries sectors: The art of playing with Law“. Tuesday, 3 December, she is going to elaborate on this topic further in her presentation. Afterwards relevant academics will reflect on the topic in a panel discussion, moderated by Shrey Nishchal.

The panel:

  • Shrey Nishchal, PhD-candidate, NHH (moderator)
  • Lise Rakner, Professor, Department of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen
    • Lise´s research areas extents to, among other things, political economy, with an emphasis on economic reforms, taxation, business associations, budget processes and aid effectiveness. Here is a link to her bio.
  • Henrik Skar, Postdoctoral fellow, Faculty of Law, University of Bergen
  • Sophie Lemaître, Senior Advisor, U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, CMI
    • Sophie holds a PhD in law on corruption, tax evasion/avoidance and money laundering within the extractive industries. She has also worked for various organizations and NGOs at the national and international level. Here is a link to her bio.

The event is free and open for all! Coffee, tea and croissants will be served.

(Picture: Unsplash // Zbynek Burival