Policing the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro: Cosmologies of War

Join us at Bergen Global for a launch of Tomas Salem‘s new book ‘Policing the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro‘, which examines the daily life of police officers spearheading the war on drugs in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas, at a moment of rupture and contestation over the future of Brazil.

By looking at how colonial and cultural notions of warfare shape the interactions between the police and the communities they are set to patrol, the book highlights the material and ideational dimensions of war as a cosmological force shaping Brazilian social relations, subjectivities, landscapes, economies, and politics. Through rich and nuanced ethnography it offers a critical perspective on the link between militarised policing and 21st century forms of authoritarianism.

The book presentation will be followed by a conversation with Antonio De Lauri and Lara Côrtes.

When: Wednesday 3rd April 2024 at 14.00-15.00

Where: Bergen Global, Jekteviksbakken 31, Bergen