Quo Vadis Transnational Reproductive Rights Activism?

Date/Time: 24 August 2022, 12:30-13:30
Venue: University Aula and Youtube

In June 2022 the US Supreme Court struck down the protection of abortion rights given in the 1973 by overturning Roe v Wade judgment. The Dobbs v Jackson decision has already had profound consequences in the US – and also globally. With the increasing politicization of reproductive rights, and abortion rights particularly all around the globe the scope and conditions for activism have changed radically in the past decade. The Dobbs decision was a further blow to reproductive rights activists. How can the work to secure safe and legal abortions move forward in this new global political landscape? What are the best strategies for activists and donors to engage in? Is there something to be learned from the anti-abortion side? How to avoid triggering backlash dynamics? And how can research be of help?

Introduction by Alicia E. Yamin (Harvard University, participates digitally) 
Participants: Bjørg Sandkjær (The Norwegian State Secretary of International Development tbc*), Mette Løkeland (Haukeland University Hospital and FHI), Satang Nabaneh (University of Dayton), Eunice Kerigo Odada (University of the Witwatersrand)
Moderator: Jayna Kothari (Centre for Law and Policy Research, Bangalore)