Socio-environmental lawfare – global perspectives

There is a growing need to understand the role that law does and potentially could play as an arena for regulating socio-environmental conflicts. Lawfare over land and water resources by the state – using its eminent domain privileges to appropriate land for own development or facilitating private industry – as well as by affected groups, is on the increase on all continents. Lawfare is also used in attempts to force governments to regulate carbon emissions and facilitate adaptation in the face of climate change. Several ongoing and proposed LawTransform projects engages these dynamics, and this panel presents an emerging project on Water Lawfare, and aims at exploring the grounds for a new broad comparative project in this field

Chair: Jackie Dugard
Panel: Lara Cortes, Camila Ginanella, Bruce Wilson
Participants in te debate includes: Rachel Sieder, Namita Wahi, Kavita Søreide, Yacotzin Bravo