Students in crisis: Corona measures under examination

Time, date: 18 February 2021, 14.00-15.15

Venue: Zoom / YouTube

It is almost a year since the pandemic started affecting our everyday lives, and the local and national authorities began implementing measures to protect our society. Particular restrictions regarding students have been put forward and now students world-wide share common experiences. We think that it is time to examine the measures put forward and take a closer look at their effects. Did it put students in an (even more) vulnerable position? Or maybe in a less vulnerable one? What has been done exactly, and how has it changed the conditions which we live and study in? What could have been done differently? Based on our shared experience, what should be kept in mind when moving ahead? How can students become a more defining resource in their own education? In this seminar, we will look at these questions through the perspective of Bergen.

Lubna Boby Jaffery (City Councilor for Labor, Social Affairs and Housing), Oddrun Samdal (Vice Rector for Education, UiB), Sandra Amalie Lid Krumsvik (leader of the Student Parliament), Øystein Sandven (head of Sammen Mental Health) and Simen Bø (student editor-in-chief of Katarsis UiB) in conversation with Ronya Reitan Solberg (UiB Collaboratory).


More about the seminar-series:

Students in crisis: Students play an important role when it comes to finding solutions to the greatest challenges of our time, yet they have taken an unproportional part of the burden during the pandemic. This is the common starting point when UiB Collaboratory and LawTransform join forces with the Bergen School of Global Studies and Bergen Global for a seminar series on how COVID-19 has affected and affects students, and will continue to do so in yet uncertain ways in the future. Which measures have been put forward, by whom and to what effect? Is the passivity and helplessness felt by students a symptom of a latent issue? How does the pandemic put students as producers of knowledge and political actors in a new light? These are some of the aspects we want to address in the up-coming seminars.