Course on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Litigation

November 3-5 2014 a course in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Litigation is given at Harvard University (FXB Center for Health and Human Rights  in collaboration with the Global School on Socioeconomic Rights). Sexual and reproductive rights (SRR) are increasingly politicized and morally charged. Activism involves strong emotions and sparks reactions among both progressive and conservative forces. The course will particularly focus on litigation related to abortion, criminalization of sex work, and LGBT-rights in various contexts, but also discuss access to sexual and reproductive health entitlements, and working with marginalized groups in doing SRR advocacy.

Programme: Global School Health Rights-program 2014 FINAL
Participants, including academics, students and practitioners of strategic litigation, will develop specialist-level knowledge in relation to litigating on sexual and reproductive health and rights at national and international levels. The course will also afford ample opportunities for engaging in discussions and network building with practitioners from across the globe. Course instructors include former constitutional court justices and leading practitioners from around the world as well as globally renowned academic experts, many of whom are Fellows of the Centre on Law & Social Transformation (Alicia Yamin; Malcolm Langford; Paola Bergallo; Ana Cristina González; Siri Gloppen.

Participants are also invited to the PluriCourts symposium on “Sexual and Reproductive Rights Lawfare in international tribunals” held at Harvard University on November 6-7. Leading experts from around the world will discuss the dynamics as well as the normative and empirical impacts of using international courts and forums in relation to controversial SRR-issues (see link for more information: